Sunday, 6 February 2011

Well PS3 it is :D

Well after a short moment of doubt I finally got the PS3, woooop!!!!! The price was kinda low to (180€) so which games should I get now? I already bought Gran Turismo 5, Red Dead and sadly so had to get some stupid singstar-game because my girlfriend thought we would have a blast singing together...

Friday, 4 February 2011

PS3 is it really that good

Im gona go away to our Nations glorious capital Helsinki for a couple of days and my mission there is to maybe buy a ps3. Now i already have an 360 but i was wondering if i should get a ps3. The main reason is that i hate when awesome games come only out on ps3 and I cant buy them, but I also would like to have a blueray player. What do you guys think, is the ps3 worth buying if I already have a 360?

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Todays WTF moment

I love Team fortress 2 but dam this some weird shit gota say...

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

What the hell happened?

Well dear internet people you are all just blank faces to me but you seem friendly so I can probably share my problems with you. As you might know i'm from Finland, now Finland is a lovely country and I love it without a doubt, but why oh why is there every winter the same dam weather which makes it impossible to drive! So this lovely morning i'm driving to school, first i pick up a friend who needed a lift and then we head of to school. But then all of a sudden (whilst singing loudly along to Barba streisand with my friend) i realize that we're driving on black ice so i carefully try to manover away from it, but did it work? Well offcourse not, instead the car starts spin and we end up in the ditch.....Nothing happened to me our my friend but the car got pimped... so now i have to choose to either fix the car or just leave it like it is (i'm still able to drive with it) and just don't give a shit and the way things are looking it's starting to look like i'm just gona fuck it so yeyyy for a beat up Peugeot 206 that now looks like the Hulk would have raped it!!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Well isn't life nice...

As my last post shows, i really like playing games where your able to cheat and i personaly think it's fun to cheat.Now i'm not a person of belief but still karma is starting to seem more and more real. I was playing cs1.6 yesterday with a couple of friends and offcourse we were all using cheats. Then we got bored and went online (we were playing in LAN) and offcourse i forgot to turn of the aimbot so yeyyyy got banned ... Well life goes on , so for some time i will have to just live without the screaming kids on vent :D and as a question for you guys, what do you do when steam dosen't like you and you have extra time all of a sudden?

Is it just me or were games more fun when you were able to cheat?

I'm playing Blackops right now and i find myself bored all of a sudden, then when i switch to good old cs 1.6 with everyone using wallhack and things like that , and wupdidooo i'm having the time of my life again!. So what do you guys think, are games that give you the ability cheat better?

Asiasta kukkaruukkuun , From the subject to the flowerpot

Well hello and good evening ladys and gentlemen , this is a new dawn for the whole world and also a sad ending to a long journey, because, all though i'm starting my first blogg today i'm also killing my own morals by crumbling under societys pressure of everyone needing a blogg just to be a human. Which in my opinion is a great way of slaving everyone in front of their computers just to read someones ( in this case my ) completely  moronic opinions.

As some of you might have already noticed from the titel i'm from the lovely white, drunken, racist, silent (but still somehow number 1country in the world according to times) country called Finland I'm 18 , witch in Finland makes me an adult legally, although i doubt my mental age is that... even so  i have managed not to screw my life up so badly, i'm not a crack addict, i still have my hair left, i don't need to wear a diaper, I graduate in a couple months from the local Gymnasium ( maybe high-school for you american readers)
and last but not least i'm not a Nazi-zombi , so everything seems to be in order, right?
Well everything is, so all you sad people who were looking for some blogg to read so you could feel better about your sad and boring life can go to some swedish blogg where everything is about improving one self.
In this blogg my goal will be to educate you my dear readers of everything you should and shouldn't know in life , like that polar bears hide their noses with their paw so that they could completely blend to the background ( aren't you feeling smarter already.... i thought so : D ). So please do keep reading my blogg ,and if you don't i will send Jesus to kill you.